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Ludlow Blunt | Brooklyn NY

December 28, 2016

Ludlow Blunt | Brooklyn NY

Ludlow Blunt
85 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn NY 11249 
(718) 388-8288

Since 1994 Ludlow Blunt has built an enviable reputation based on the look, heritage, and quality of traditional English barber shops.

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About Ludlow Blunt |

Driven by our philosophy of delivering quality & consistency in laid back surroundings to create effortless style, Ludlow Blunt blends a heritage barbershop narrative with
modern day techniques & craftsmanship.

Adapting both men's & women's classical styles with contemporary appeal, we aim to create both in hair & product design a refreshing take on the past while anticipating the new.

Ludlow Blunt


This extraordinary salon has been featured in Movies, TV and print publications.

Highlights include

Films by Martin Scorsese,
Oliver Stone and Robert De Niro.
Numerous Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines.


Ludlow Blunt Brooklyn NY

Ludlow Blunt
85 N. 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(718) 388-8288



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