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Travelers Collection
Bay Rum / No. 77

Ready for your takeoff! 

Enjoy two of our popular fragrances. St Johns Bay Rum & No. 77, in single 10ml roll-on bottles, that are conveniently packaged together making it perfect for taking our world famous scents as you travel the world.

  • 2 Roll-On Colognes - 10ML Each

St Johns Bay Rum® is known to experts throughout the world as one of the best bay rum aftershave colognes.

Our formula, for almost 70 years, has been to blend the richest West Indian Bay Leaf Oils and premium Caribbean fragrances to create a natural, manly essence of eucalyptus, cloves, and Caribbean spices. 

No. 77 Cologne

This new, modern fragrance creates a bracing effect with fresh lemon and bold bergamot notes paired with leafy herbal tones. Precious amber, spices, and a blush of flowers warm the citrus blend as it fades to the sensual undertone of ambrette seed and cashmere musk.

This set is enjoyed as a travel collection, or as a cologne sampler - try something new!

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