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St Johns Fragrances

                     St. Johns Fragrances are truly the essence of the Caribbean. Each bottle is skillfully hand woven with palm fronds from the islands.

St. Johns Fragrances have been manufactured by the West Indies Bay Company in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands since 1946. They offer an array of tropical scents for men and women made with essential oils and spices from the Caribbean. These wonderful fragrances will bring to you some of the magic of the beautiful Virgin Islands

Each bottle is hand woven with Caribbean palm fronds. The palm weaving creates a beautiful, unique and very distinctive packaging. This art is centuries old and a tradition of the islands. The handwoven bottle is the trademark of St. Johns Fragrances, and is instantly recognized all over the world.

Enter our online store, and browse. You will be sure to find something that will either remind you of the Virgin Islands, or will stir up the desire to come visit us.

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