At St Johns Fragrance Company we honor the 70 year old tradition of hand weaving all of our signature fragrance bottles.
Through countless generations this custom has remained unchanged, and the traditional fish pot design has become the hallmark of quality for St. Johns fragrances.
In centuries past, island natives learned to weave palm tree fronds for many practical purposes, creating special designs for thatched huts, as well as unusual fishing pots to capture food from shallow lagoons
Deftly and rapidly, busy hands form narrow strips of Tyre palm fronds (collected in the hills surrounding Hull Bay on St. Thomas). They are dried in the sun, then shaped into small baskets and slipped over bottles in a glove like fit. It takes over 30 minutes to hand weave one bottle.

This art is perpetuated by families in St. Barth, in the French West Indies where most of the palm castings are made. Over 1,000 bottles are hand woven every month in St. Thomas, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.