June 13, 2017


St. Johns Bay Rum Signature Fish-weave Hand Woven Bottles


In centuries past, island natives learned to weave palm tree fronds for many practical purposes, creating special designs for thatched huts, as well as unusual fishing pots to capture food from shallow lagoons.

Through countless generations this custom has remained unchanged, and the traditional fish pot design has become the hallmark of quality for St. Johns fragrances.

This art is perpetuated by families in St. Barth, in the French West Indies where most of the palm castings are made. Others, totaling thousands a month, are made in St. Thomas, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.

Deftly and rapidly, busy hands form narrow strips of Tyre palm fronds (collected in the hills surrounding Hull Bay on St. Thomas). They are dried in the sun, then shaped into small baskets and slipped over bottles in a glove like fit. It takes over 30 minutes to hand weave one bottle.
June 06, 2017


What Does St Johns Bay Rum Smell Like?

What Does St Johns Bay Rum Smell like? Experts revere it. Gentlemen swear by it.

St Johns Bay Rum® is a spicy, warm, rich and distinctively masculine fragrance that's a classic for every generation. Experience the world-renowned scent for yourself.
International fragrance experts continually rank St Johns Bay Rum® as one of the finest bay rum after shaves in the world. For almost 70 years, we’ve blended the richest West Indian Bay Leaf Oils and premium Caribbean fragrances to create a natural, manly essence of eucalyptus, cloves, and Caribbean spices. Each bottle of St Johns Bay Rum® is handcrafted in small batches at our St Johns Fragrance Factory in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  

June 04, 2017


Featured Retailer -Jordan Lash, Charleston, SC Where to find Bay Rum

Featured Retailer - Jordan Lash, Charleston, SC

Located in downtown Charleston, SC Jordan Lash is a new addition to the trendy King Street shopping district. Owner, Jordan Lash has over16 years of fine men's retail experience and recently opened this fine men's clothing and accessory shop that features upscale men's fragrances, include Saint Johns Bay Rum.

Visit them at:

Jordan Lash
305 King Street
Charleston, South Carolina, SC 29401
Phone (843) 804-6710


July 23, 2015

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St Johns Fragrances Acquired by Investor Management Team

The West Indies Bay Company of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, makers of St Johns Bay Rum, has been acquired by a group of private investors. After 29 years leading the company, Jerry Woodhouse, CEO, retired as of July 1 and will serve as Chairman Emeritus. John Fontana, 57, has been named CEO of the private investment company.  In addition to Mr. Fontana, the investor management team includes industry veterans Perry Pellegrino and Chris Fuentes who will serve as the Chief Marketing Officer.  For more information about the West Indies Bay Company, Inc., please visit: www.westindiesbayco.com.

We're excited to be stewards of such an authentic lifestyle brand.  We will celebrate St Johns Bay Rum’s 70th anniversary next year and, starting in late August we will be opening the doors of our small batch perfumery where we blend and bottle St Johns Bay Rum in September.  Our free factory tours and company store at Warehouse #1 on St. Thomas will feature a look back at the fascinating history of Bay Rum aftershaves and colognes since the 1870’s and a chance to shop directly at our factory outlet.


January 04, 2014


Why Gentlemen Should Use Bay Rum

A Gentleman wears Bay Rum.

Troy Patterson from Slate.com in his piece What Should a Gentleman Smell Like? Bay rum. answers a female reader's question.

We couldn't agree more!

June 30, 2013


Voted Best Cultural Product of the US Virgin Islands - 6 Years in a Row

St Johns Bay Rum is the Best Cultural Product of the US Virgin Islands

We were honoured to receive the recognition by the Virgin Islands Daily News as the "Best Cultural Product of the Virgin Islands" in 2013.We are especially proud to receive this award in recognition of our efforts for three generations to produce world-renown locally made natural products from the Caribbean.