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St Johns Celebrates Earth Day: Supporting the Virgin Islands National Park

This Earth Day, St Johns is proud to announce a new partnership with the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park. In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we're donating $1 from each purchase made on Earth Day to aid their efforts in conserving the park's invaluable natural and cultural resources.

The Friends of Virgin Islands National Park are on the front lines of environmental stewardship, promoting education, advancing scientific research, and spearheading conservation initiatives. By supporting their mission, we're helping to ensure that the park's diverse wildlife habitats, hiking trails, and educational programs continue to thrive and inspire.

As a leader in eco-friendly men's grooming, St Johns invites you to join us in making a positive impact this Earth Day. Every purchase of our colognes, aftershaves, and soaps enhances you and supports a vital cause. It's a practical way to contribute to preserving a natural treasure while enjoying products that align with your values. It's not just about smelling good; it's about doing good.

Let's celebrate Earth Day with action. Support the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park by choosing St Johns. Together, we can safeguard the pristine beauty of the Virgin Islands for future generations.
You can learn more about the Virgin Islands National Park here :

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