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St Johns: Sailing Towards Sustainability

In our 78 year history we have always had an eye on conservation and sustainability.

Since Capt John Webb first launched our Classic Bay Rum, our bottles have been woven with local, sustainable palm fronds. It is a part of our iconic look and part of our commitment to conservation and sustainability in the men's grooming industry.

Today, island artisans continue to hand-weave each bottle with locally grown palm fronds. Moreover, we have made significant strides to ensure that every component of our men's colognes and aftershaves, from packaging to product, is natural, recyclable, or sustainable.

St Johns has initiated measures to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainability in the men's grooming industry:

  1. Recyclable paper on all labels and boxes: We have transitioned to using 100% recyclable paper for all our product labels and packaging boxes. This helps reduce waste and encourages our customers to recycle these materials, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.
  1. Recyclable glass containers for our colognes and aftershaves: Our men's fragrances are housed in high-quality, recyclable glass containers. We aim to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste generated by our products. Glass is not only recyclable but also retains the quality and integrity of our colognes and aftershaves.
  1. Biodegradable and sustainable palm weave on our bottles: One of our most iconic features is the hand-woven palm frond that adorns our bottles. We source these palm fronds locally and ensure that they are sustainably harvested. The palm weave is biodegradable, adding to the eco-friendly nature of our packaging.
  1. Sustainable bamboo caps: To further enhance our commitment to sustainability, we have introduced bamboo over caps for our products. Bamboo is a highly renewable and biodegradable resource, making it an excellent choice for our packaging. These over caps not only add a touch of elegance to our bottles but also contribute to our eco-friendly initiatives.
  1. Spray mechanisms that are 97% recyclable: We have invested in innovative spray mechanisms for our colognes and aftershaves that are 97% recyclable. This means that almost every component of our spray mechanisms can be recycled, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

We will continue to explore and adopt new ways to minimize our environmental footprint while providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable colognes and aftershaves.

Conservation and sustainability are integral to our long history and brand legacy. As a leader in the men's grooming industry, St Johns will continue to sail toward meeting these goals and creating unique, interesting, and responsible products for our customers.

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