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Benefits of the Best Natural Soap for Men

 To some, soap is nothing more than some suds used for a quick rinse in the shower, but to the real men, choosing the right soap is an essential part of achieving an authentic, masculine scent and quality grooming routine. Like many things in life, not all men’s soaps are created equally. The wrong bar of soap can throw off your entire appeal… And aroma. So, to ensure an everlasting aroma that’s spicy, exotic and manly, these are the best soaps for men that are worthy of your grooming regime.


St Johns Natural Soap Bars for Men 

Keep it classy with our iconic triple-milled bar soap for men. It may just look like a bar of soap but our St Johns Bar Soap for men is created with utmost care and craftsmanship to give you a luxurious, creamy lather and masculine scent. We proudly mill our men’s soap in the USA to ensure utmost quality, care and ingredients. Our men’s soaps are made with natural ingredients that transform your grooming experience, such as olive oil, Vitamin E and glycerin. When combined, these ingredients leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and elegantly scented, making our sturdy soap bars the perfect addition to your men’s grooming routine. The ingredients are so gentle that you can even use our soaps for a pre-shave or in a shower; as long as you’re looking for a luxurious experience that offers an undeniably masculine scent, St Johns soaps are it.


Benefits of St Johns Body Soap

With our luxurious St Johns Body Soap, you can lather in the benefits of using natural ingredients. Our soap is 100% natural and made with high quality ingredients that do more than sud you up.

Our main ingredient is olive oil, which is non-allergenic and cleanses away dirt without stripping away the skin’s natural oils. This is key to preventing a rough shave or dry skin that can result in blemishes and discoloration.

Glycerin is also a highly moisturizing ingredient that is used to offer you the perfect finishing touch when used as an aftershave soap or in the shower. Vitamin E provides natural healing properties to serve as the finishing touch to your skincare regime.

In addition to the quality ingredients, our natural soaps for men are triple-milled to maintain smooth, glossy, and long lasting soap that won’t deteriorate as soon as it hits water.


What Type of St Johns Bay Rum Should You Get?

Our iconic soaps are available in a few different scents as well as men’s grooming gift sets to provide you with exactly what you need.

The Classic Men's Soap

We have the classic bar of St Johns Bay Rum Soap, which is great for in the shower or while traveling, as it will fit perfectly in your men’s grooming case.

Soap on a Rope

You can also choose to get the bar of soap on a rope, which is also great for when you’re traveling and subject to use hotel bathrooms and such. It's also great for ensuring a pleasant experience because there are far things worse than constantly dropping the soap mid-shave or shower.

Soap Set

Our soap gift sets are great options, too. Choose between a Bay Rum set, or if you are looking to try some new scents, opt for the Variety set. Either way, we will ensure you don’t run out of the iconic masculine scent that comes from our natural soap bars.


Our unique collection of luxury soaps for men are also great gift ideas. So, whether you’re looking to add masculinity into your grooming regime with our St Johns Bay Rum soap or cologne for men or are buying for someone special, it’s time to explore the island of St Johns with St Johns Bay Rum.


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