Guide to Apply, Wear and Choose Cologne

There’s a fine line between wearing the perfect amount of the best rum cologne that attracts everyone and everything you want and wearing too much that the opposite happens. Wearing the top fragrances for men is an art and learning how to wear cologne the right way is key to using manly cologne to attract what you want in life. This guide will help you determine the best way to apply, wear and choose the best rum colognes.


How to Apply Cologne

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You can have the best collection of the top fragrances for men but if you don’t know how to apply them properly, it can be hard to fully experience everything they have to offer. Colognes are commonly applied improperly, resulting in an overbearing smell or one that doesn’t last all day long. For optimal use of the best rum cologne, these are the steps for properly applying cologne for men:

  1. Apply cologne to clean, dry skin after you shower
  2. Hold the cologne bottle 3 to 6 inches away from your skin
  3. Target your pulse points, such as your neck, inner elbows, and inner wrists
  4. Squirt two to four times


How to Wear Manly Cologne for Best Results

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Wearing cologne is as simple as learning where to spray the manly aroma and how much, but it’s equally as important to learn what not to do when applying the best rum cologne. As a rule of thumb, spraying cologne on your clothing isn’t a bad thing. However, it is better to apply cologne on your skin as this allows the aroma to mix with the oils and natural pheromones of your body. This helps to project the notes properly for an authentic scent, as the best bay rum cologne is formulated based on contact with the skin.

Some additional tips for wearing manly cologne that will help maximize the aroma and experience include:

  • Pick one or two target areas to squirt cologne on
  • Aim for the skin, not your clothing
  • Avoid spraying the air and walking through the cologne
  • Don’t rub the cologne into your skin
  • Lightly mist your wrists with the manly cologne when the fragrance wears off
  • Use the top fragrances for men that offer the ideal percentage of aroma


How to Choose Manly Cologne

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Choosing cologne can be the most difficult part of the process. There are many options out there and unfortunately, not all colognes for men are created equal. As a rule of thumb, stick with the top fragrances for men or fragrances created by reputable brands that are staples within the industry. This will help you avoid cheap colognes that do not provide the aromatic essence or experience you’re looking for.

St. John’s Bay Rum has created the best rum cologne for the past 70 plus years. Generations of gentlemen (and their ladies) have enjoyed our manly colognes, as they are handcrafted with superior ingredients and quality to ensure an authentic, masculine and sophisticated scent. Here are some tips for choosing the top fragrances for men:

  • Choose a higher concentration of fragrance for a long-lasting scent
  • Manly colognes designed for mass consumption usually offer softer more generic scents
  • Niche colognes, such as St Johns Bay Rum cologne, offer more unique scents designed for a specific category of people or scent, such as bay rum colognes or sophisticated men
  • Spray cologne on sample cards when deciding on the best rum colognes, then spray on your wrist to see how the fragrance mixes with your pheromones
  • Smell coffee beans in between each scent to reset your nose
  • Understand the different notes
    • Top notes last up to 120 minutes
    • Mid notes last up to 5 hours
    • Base notes last up to 8 hours and beyond


Now that you know how to properly apply and wear manly cologne, it’s time to shop the best rum cologne. St John’s Bay Rum’s collection of the top fragrances for men emit the perfect hints of Caribbean spices, citrus and sea for a sophisticated and masculine scent.

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