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Purchasing the Right Cologne Gift Sets for Men This Father's Day

How To Choose the Right Cologne Variety Gift Sets for Men This Father's Day

Wondering how to buy cologne or aftershave with a fragrance that reminds you of time spent with dad this Father's Day? Whether you're shopping for that special cologne kit for your husband or father, or simply want to purchase a little something special for yourself (no reason necessary), choosing a cologne can be tricky.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the fragrance choices out there. But with patience and dedication (and a little help from St Johns), we're confident you can find the perfect cologne gift set. We'll share some cologne and aftershave basics to consider, as well as some of our favorite cologne gift sets for men available from St Johns Fragrance Company. 

How To Buy Cologne for Men 

Father's Day is the perfect time of year to show your dad or the father of your children how much you appreciate them and all that they do for your family. Cologne gift sets for men are the perfect way to treat your husband or father to something extra special. Wondering how to buy cologne he'll love? Keep reading for a few things to keep in mind when choosing a cologne or aftershave gift set that suits his style while complementing his natural aroma.  

Scent Components 

When choosing a cologne for your husband or father, you'll want to consider each subtle component that makes up the scent. These fragrance notes, as they're called, work together in harmony to create a complex scent that melds into a man's personal odor in order to create a truly unique aroma. Much like the flavor profiles of fine liquor, high-quality fragrances can be broken down into different notes that hit as the scent settles and evaporates. There are typically three main scent components that make up a well-balanced and nuanced cologne or aftershave: the top note, the middle note and the base note. 

  • Top Note. As the lightest note, the top note will be the first thing that hits people. Immediately noticeable, this note can last anywhere between 15 minutes and two hours. Typically, top note scents include fruity overtones, light citrus aromas, powdery fragrances or sweet spices. 
  • Middle Note. Known as the heart note of a cologne, the middle note is the main component that makes up a fragrance. This note develops once the top note has cleared. The middle notes in St John Bay Rum cologne last between 30 minutes and five hours. These scents tend to showcase the deep and complex elements of a scent, incorporating earthy aromas, heavier floral elements or savory spices. 
  • Base Note. This note is typically the last to develop in a cologne and will linger in the air after the wearer leaves a room. The scent emerges gradually and emits fragrance for anywhere from two to eight hours. While a wide variety of fragrances can be used for the base note, the most common are clove, amber, cinnamon, musk, sandalwood and bay rum leaves.

Type of Scent

When it comes to colognes and aftershaves, there are different scents for different occasions. If you're considering body gift sets or colognes, take into account how and when your husband or father uses cologne. Do they enjoy wearing fragrances during the day or at the office? If so, you'll want to opt for lighter fragrances or those with earthy notes. If they instead reserve cologne for special occasions or going out at night, go for more provocative scents that are a tad heavier and muskier. 

Scent Strength

Looking for that perfect strength cologne for your husband or dad this Father's Day? As we all know, some fragrances leave behind a stronger scent than others; this is dependent on the concentration of oils within the cologne or aftershave. While it is true that most cologne has a low ratio of oils to perfume alcohol content, products with a higher concentration of fragrance will typically produce a bolder smell while lasting longer throughout the day. Keep this in mind when choosing a cologne gift set. 


The price of cologne sets can run the gamut from super cheap to astronomically expensive. Keep in mind that a high price tag doesn't always equate to quality, especially when it comes to fragrances. The price of a cologne typically comes down to the concentration of fragrance oils and a designer label's marketing costs and brand-name image. The most important factor when buying cologne or aftershave should be the fragrance profile and whether or not the scent suits your husband or father. 


When purchasing a cologne kit or gift set, think about what cologne bottle sizes your husband or father would appreciate. Is Bay Rum or Classic Vetiver their go-to scent? If so, you can most likely purchase a larger size bottle. If, however, you're purchasing a new scent, you may want to stick to smaller cologne bottle sizes or travel-sized versions to see if they like it first before committing to a larger bottle. 

Popular Cologne Variety Sets from St Johns Fragrance Company

At St Johns, we carry a specially curated selection of luxury gift sets for men that any husband or father will love. The following are just a few of our most popular cologne variety sets that are sure to make for the perfect gift this Father's Day. 

Body Soap & Cologne Gift Set

Spoil your dad or husband this June with a Body Soap & Cologne Gift Set. Choose from classic scents like Bay Rum, West Indian Lime, No. 77 or Vetiver. Each cologne kit includes one 4 oz. spray cologne, one 7 oz. luxury bath soap bar and one .25 oz. travel cologne spray bottle. 

Dopp Kit and Bath Set

Upgrade your husband or father's travel essentials with a Dopp Kit and Bath Set from St Johns. Choose from popular scents like Bay Rum, No. 77, Vetiver or West Indian Lime. Each cologne kit and bath set comes with one 4 oz. bottle of spray cologne, one 7 oz. luxury bath soap bar, two .25 oz. Travelers Collection mini cologne spray bottles and one branded manicure set, as well as one classic red Sailor Bags® sundry bag.

St Johns Travel Pack

Looking for the perfect companion gift this Father's Day? Our St Johns Travel Pack gift sets for men are perfect for any man on the go. Choose from must-have scents like Bay Rum, No. 77, Vetiver and West Indian Lime. Each cologne kit includes one .25 oz. travel cologne spray bottle and one 1.5 oz. luxury bath soap bar. 

Find the Perfect Men's Bath Gift Sets and More at St Johns

St Johns Fragrance Company has a 74-year history of handcrafting fine fragrances that blend classic notes with modern elements in order to create one-of-a-kind colognes and bath and body gift sets for men. From travel cologne sets to luxury men's bath gift sets, discover the timeless and distinctive scents of St Johns cologne and aftershave. Give your husband or father the gift of luxury this Father's Day with men's body gift sets from St Johns Fragrance Company. 

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