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St Johns Bay Rum After Shave


Our 70+ year old formula is revered throughout the world as the original and most distinguished bay rum aftershaves and colognes.   

The richest West Indian Bay Tree Leaf Oils and premium Caribbean fragrances are blended to create a natural, manly essence of eucalyptus, cloves, and Caribbean spices.  

Spicy, authentic and distinctly masculine, St Johns Bay Rum® is handcrafted in small batches and packaged in our iconic  “Fishnet Weave®” bottles.

Available in:  4 oz. Splash $50.00 | 4 oz. Spray  $50.00 | 8 oz. Splash $75.00

St Johns Bay Rum® Scent Also Offered as:

  • Travel/sample size
  • Part of a gift set
  • Luxury Men's Bath Soap


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