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David Wood Clothiers, Haberdashery & Tailor Shop




Providing the finest in men's clothing since 1978. David Wood Clothiers, Haberdashery & Tailor Shop is a boutique and club room proudly located on the historic waterfront of Portland, Maine's Old Port District. We carry exclusive brands as well as a full custom shop tailored towards an intimate, unique shopping experience. We believe fashion is current and trendy, while 'personal style' is timeless and paramount. We can help you find, define, and refine your personal style, seamlessly and effortlessly.



We firmly believe that less is more. A smaller, leaner wardrobe consisting of only select, highest quality garments and accessories that will last the test of time is all you need.



The D.W. Philosophy



At David Wood, we believe that fashion and style are very different. Fashion is dictated. Style is exclusively yours. And while fashion is fleeting, style has passed the test of time.



We are a true brick and mortar establishment, outfitting men with style since 1978. Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about assisting in the creation of your style.



Since personal attention and fit is such an important part of our business, we have moved away from a point-and-click option to order any of our products. We welcome your phone or e-mail inquiries about our goods and services, or even our recommendations for a good meal or place to stay while visiting Portland. 



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Private shopping is available on Mondays and by appointment before and after store hours. Schedule online, by email at or via phone at 207-838-1953.

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