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Peter Elliot Blue

Peter Elliot Blue
996 Lexington Ave, NY NY 10021

1977 – 3 historically significant things happened:

  • John Travolta disco’d his way through Saturday Night Fever
  • Elvis Presley died
  • Eliot opened his shop, Peter Elliot Blue, on the Upper East Side of New York.

46 years later we still celebrate disco, often drunkenly, we mourn Elvis and Peter Elliot continues to deliver a whimsical mood of timeless elegance. The store is a generational mainstay of the UES and NYC. The reason: “It was never about the clothes” explains Eliot, “the clothes are just a way to share moments of goodness and kindness with you and your family”

You will find Eliot and Isabelle in the shop most every day so stop by to see them on the corner of Lexington and 72nd Street.

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