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Better late than never. There are a few things on this list that are personal wants and desires. Everything here is chosen with quality and timelessness in mind. Hope this list proves helpful.

I know where I will be this Father’s Day. With the U.S. Open going on in Los Angeles I’m looking forward to watching the best golfers in the world work their way around the incredible North Course at LACC. Hope you all have something good planned.


  • Original Madras Trading Co. — The perfect summer shirt made from authentic madras. [Pictured]

  • Junior’s in Philadelphia — a great selection of cotton sweaters, ties and nice accessories. This is one of the few shops I would recommend anything they sell.

  • Crockett & Jones Travel Care Kit — A great little travel shoe care kit. This leather case is nicely made and this is a handsome little accessory that anyone could appreciate.

  • J. Mueser Shirts — Everyone talks about the tailored clothing at J. Mueser, but the sportswear is excellent and it makes for an excellent gift.

  • American Trench Socks — Philadelphia-based American Trench makes some wonderful clothing and US-made socks which everyone should love.

  • St Johns Vetiver Cologne — I am loving all of these new fragrances from St Johns, especially this Vetiver scent. Why support some massive conglomerate when you can wear something from a small brand like this.

  • J. PRESS Pink Sweater — These cottons knits are awesome. Just look at how this is photographed and you will know it’s unique. J. Press is still making a lot of really good stuff — don’t overlook the brand for solid classic clothing.

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