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The Best New Men’s Colognes of 2023 (So Far)

From signature scents to date night staples, here's what you should be spraying on this year.

By ADAM HURLY as featured in The Robb Report

This year has been one for the books in terms of delicious new fragrance launches, and as of this article, we’re not even halfway through 2023. From luxury brands to niche makers, from remixes of old classics to brand-new brands, there’s so much to say about the best new colognes of 2023 so far.

Check out our top 10 launches from January through June, and check back later in the year for the best scents of July through December. Below you’ll find light summer picks, candidates for your new signature scent, and a vibe-setting date-night staple.

We can’t say enough good about St Johns’ scent assortment, and 2023’s Madras raises the bar even more. (One colleague gave a much-deserved ode to it.) This is one of the more broody choices on this lineup of new scents, for its black pepper, clove, nutmeg, patchouli, cedar, and amber medley. But a dusting of costas, mandarin, and lemon give it the necessary dimensions for more year-round wear; there aren’t many fragrances with that many heavy notes that wear so beautifully in summer. But that is exactly St Johns’ appeal; everything is “island vibes” with them, down to their iconic fishpot-weave bottles.

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