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St Johns Eau de Toilette & Luxury Soap Gifts: Our Best Mother's Day Gifts Yet

Mother's Day gifts can be a challenge to choose. There are the old stand-bys, like a gift card to her favorite restaurant or a bouquet of flowers, but after a single night out and a week in a vase, they're used up and dried out. But luxury soap gifts? There's something that will give her one relaxation session after another, transporting her to far-off beaches and leaving her refreshed and rejuvenated. Allow us to enlighten you about all the Coral gifts for her that can be found at St. Johns.

About the Scent

"Coral" is a new St Johns Eau de Toilette and soap scent created for the classic, effortlessly elegant woman. This scent is inspired by the Virgin Islands, with fresh, crisp overtones of peach, apple, jasmine, and lily of the valley, rounded out with undertones of cinnamon, vanilla, musk and amber. The result is a fragrance destined to be a classic: a chic, spirited scent that is perfect for any daytime or nighttime adventure. In other words, it's perfect for your favorite lady.

Why Luxury Soap Gifts?

Moms are some of the hardest working people in our lives — we all know it! So, it's only fair that on Mother's Day (and beyond!), they get the chance to take a little time for themselves and indulge in something luxurious. Eau de Toilette and luxury soap gifts can do just that by creating an environment of comfort and relaxation that feels like a trip to the beach or a stroll in the vineyards. They're designed to make your mom feel amazing, making them a simple and meaningful way to tell her "thank you" on Mother's Day.

Coral Eau De Toilette

We have a variety of Coral gifts for her in our selection, the first of which is our Coral Eau De Toilette. With one spray, your mother's outfit will be complete, and she'll be ready to enjoy a day or night out with you. Like all St Johns fragrances, Coral is packaged in a Fishnet Weave® bottle representative of its authentic and timeless beachy charm.

Coral Body Soap

Does your mother prefer luxury soap gifts? In that case, we have the perfect Coral gifts for her. Our triple milled Coral body soap bars are ultra-refined to create an invigorating, creamy lather with every bath or shower. These luxury soap gifts are blended with shea butter, olive oil, glycerin and vitamin E to create bars that not only smell great, but have anti-inflammatory, softening, moisturizing and other natural healing properties as well. Coral soap is an indulgent experience your mom won't be able to get enough of.

Coral Gift Set

Our final Coral gift set is an Eau De Toilette and bracelet combination that any environmentally-conscious mama is sure to love. We've partnered with 4Ocean to increase awareness of their mission to end our oceans' plastic crisis. Working with 4Ocean, we created the Coral fragrance and Coral Reef Bracelet gift set in order to spread the word while you spread the love this Mother's Day.

Shop All Coral Gifts for Her at St Johns Bay Rum

Spoil your mom with bottled tropical elegance when you choose St Johns Eau de Toilette and luxury soap gifts from our Coral collection. Shop the entire Coral fragrance collection to find the perfect gift for her, or browse the rest of our gift sets today.

St Johns Eau de Toilette & Luxury Soap Gifts: Our Best Mother's Day Gifts Yet — St Johns Bay Rum

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