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Father's Day Men's Aftershave Gift Sets Ideas

St Johns Bay Rum Fragrances​ and ​Aftershave Gift Sets​ for Father's Day

Father's Day is a special time to let all the gentlemen in your life know that you love and appreciate them — and that you have their tastes down pat. St Johns Fragrance Co. is proud to offer a wide and distinguished range of cologne for men, making it easy to find the perfect Father's Day gift for any man who enjoys the finer things in life. Before we get into the amazing Father's Day ​aftershave sets​ we've put together, we're calling out some of the scents that are most popular for each generation.

Bay Rum — Cologne for a Classic Gentleman

The ​Bay Rum fragrances​ at St Johns are made using a formula that was created over 70 years ago. This popular scent put our fragrance company on the map — and in the grooming kits of several generations of distinguished gentlemen. This spicy scent is distinctly masculine, with warm hints of cinnamon and cloves complemented by the lively freshness of eucalyptus, musk and bay leaves. ​Bay Rum​ is a nostalgic scent that would make an ideal gift for a father or grandfather who's sailed the Caribbean a time or two (or admires tropical paradises from afar). Pick up a bottle of ​Bay Rum cologne for men​, or any of our other soap and ​aftershave Bay Rum​ products, for any man who loves the spice of life.

No. 77 — For the Sophisticated Dad

Don't be surprised if a sniff of ​No. 77 cologne​ immediately reminds you of your dad — it's bold and lively just like him! No. 77 is a ​long-lasting cologne for men​ on the move, whether he's strolling the beach or making strides in business. Its blend of musky scents like ambrette seed and amber with citrusy tones of lemon and bergamot feels like the bracing refreshment of a strong island breeze. No. 77 is offered in travel sizes and as a luxury bath soap to help Dad unwind wherever he goes!

Vetiver — The Scent of a Modern Man

Our ​Vetiver fragrance​ is truly the scent of sophistication, so it's no wonder that it's a cologne women love​. This dashing and dignified fragrance is perfect for the husband who works hard and plays hard, putting family above all else. Vetiver artfully combines the earthy scents of amber, cedar, vetiver and sandalwood with fresh, spicy notes of cypress and cardamom to create a bold and unique cologne he'll love. Give the gift of long-lasting cologne for men​ to the love of your life this Father's Day — and remember to try it as a luxury triple-milled bath soap as well!

Father's Day Aftershave Gift Sets from St Johns

Now that you know all the best ​men's fragrances​ available from St Johns, it's time we dig into all the ​aftershave sets​ we're offering for ​Father's Day​!

  1. The Dopp Kit & 4 oz. Hand Sanitizer
    The St Johns ​Dopp Kit​ gives you all your ​favorite St Johns Bay Rum fragrances​ in one place! Each kit comes with a 4-ounce. spray bottle of cologne, a 7-ounce bar of triple-milled soap, two Travelers Collection roll-ons and more for all your essential grooming needs. For Father's Day, these ​aftershave gift sets​ will also come with a free ​4-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer​ to protect and moisturize your hands wherever you go.

  2. 8 oz. Fragrance & Free Body Soap Bar
    St Johns is committed to becoming an essential part of every gentleman's grooming routine, which is exactly why we put together these ​aftershave gift sets​ for Father's Day! With an ​8-ounce fragrance​ of your choice, you will receive a free bar of ​St Johns bodysoap​ in the same scent to give your favorite dad a spa-like experience whether he's in his own bathroom, on a business trip or enjoying an island retreat.

  3. 4 oz. Fragrance & Free Soy Candle
    There are many different ways to enjoy sophisticated scents, and if this is a fact your dad appreciates, then we have the Father's Day fragrance gift for him. Get our ​men's fragrances​ as a ​4-ounce cologne​ spray and a free ​15-ounce soy candle​ to capture the smell of vacation in more ways than one!

Use Our Father's Day Code for a Free Gift with Any Fragrance Purchase

No matter which ​St Johns Bay Rum fragrances​ you choose for the gentleman or men in your life, you can use the code DAD7 to treat him to a little something extra — a free mini cologne, aftershave or soap gift with the purchase of any of our​ long-lasting cologne for men​. Head to our ​Father's Day Gifts​ page for additional details, and give your dad the gift of island sophistication in a Fishnet Weave® bottle!

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