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What is Aftershave? A Guide to Using Aftershave Scents

Shaving is a necessary part of a gentleman's grooming routine, whether it's tidying up your beard or getting rid of that five o'clock shadow. That being said, it's also something that can be tough on your skin, leaving you with cuts, redness and even breakouts that can have you feeling less than suave. Enter aftershave: your key to a refreshed (and fresh-smelling) post-shave feeling.


First Thing's First — What is Aftershave?

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Aftershave is, quite simply, a facial product that is applied after shaving. These days, you can find aftershave in liquid, gel and lotion form, each with its own benefits. For example, lotion aftershaves are great for keeping your skin moisturized; gels often include extra vitamins and nutrients to give you a healthy glow; and liquids are great antiseptics. In most cases, aftershave will also be scented to help you smell as fresh as you look. Learn how to choose and wear various forms of aftershave.


What Does Aftershave Do?

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Aftershave has had a long history. For over 180 years, the main purpose of aftershave was as an antiseptic. Even when you're using a brand new, high-quality razor, the process of shaving tears away parts of your top layer of skin — that's why your face may feel irritated and raw when you're finished. Aftershave includes either alcohol or other natural antiseptics, like witch hazel and tea tree oil, to stop bleeding if you nick yourself, disinfect the injury and soothe irritation overall. It can also help close your pores after shaving, prevent redness and lessen breakouts of acne. Aftershave is a must if you have sensitive skin!


Worried about the infamous "aftershave sting"? Go with aftershave sets that use witch hazel or other natural antiseptics rather than alcohol as their base. Witch hazel is naturally soothing but still provides all the bacteria-fighting power of alcohol.


How to Use Aftershave

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Much like cologne, there is a certain way to use aftershave scents to ensure that they aren't overwhelming. If you're using a lotion or gel aftershave, start with just a small drop on your finger and rub it in lightly over all of the areas you shaved. If you're using a liquid aftershave, pouring about ½ tsp - 1 tsp (a couple of drops) onto a cotton ball can help you avoid overdoing it. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Carefully pour the liquid aftershave onto your fingertips or a cotton ball. ½ teaspoon is usually fine if you just tidied up your facial hair, but a full teaspoon might be necessary to cover your entire face.
  2. Dab the aftershave lightly over all of the shaven areas. Make sure to get under your chin and on your neck if necessary — these spots can be easy to miss!
  3. Rinse off with cool water to remove any excess liquid and close your pores.


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