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As featured in MR Magazine, article by  KAREN ALBERG GROSSMAN

It was a wonderful celebration of all things madras last week at the J.Press store on E. 44th Street.  Hosted by Matt Hranek, author and founder of the WM Brown Project, and Rhys Moore, CEO of St Johns Fragrance Co, the evening was filled with beautiful madras plaids (somehow both preppy and contemporary), a new madras fragrance (slightly citrus-y and softly exotic), even madras cocktails (simply delicious!)

Matt and Rhys shared a bit of madras history (woven in India, the fabric was originally created to bleed), followed by a provocative Q&A, at which Rhys explained how the fragrance was inspired by the fabric.

 We’re hoping to see (and smell) lots of madras on city streets, and on golf courses, this summer. Says golf aficionado and fashion writer Marty Hackel, “Madras is a real cool fabric that should have its place in the golf shop. With its rich history and all-natural properties, it’s far superior to all the current versions of polyester…”

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