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Featured in "18 Best Aftershaves for Men to Feel Smooth"

Featured in The Tampa Bay Times article, "18 Best Aftershaves for Men to Feel Smooth."

"St Johns original handcrafting and distinctive bottle make it a great holiday or birthday gift. The bay rum base is made on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The aftershave’s rich and warm aroma mixes the best bay oil from the West Indian Bay Tree with several natural essences, including cinnamon, cloves and eucalyptus. Caribbean spices are used to produce a lingering fresh and spicy scent. The bay leaf oil in the product is top quality, as the famous bay trees on the island of St. John grow in nutrient-rich soil.

What makes this aftershave a great gift idea is the bottle’s woven design—one that looks great on the vanity or sink. This is the ideal present for the man who appreciates receiving the best in unique gift items and products.

Combine this purchase with a St. Johns Bay Rum Soap Bar, which is triple-milled and hydrates the skin with olive oil and glycerin. You might also include the brand’s West Indian Lime Cologne, with vetiver oil and a fresh lime scent."

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