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Things We Love - Photographer Hans Noordanus

IG Handle: PrepFamilynl 

Fashion photography can often be vague, obtuse or just plain confusing. You see an overly art directed shot and ask ”what is going on here?” 

This is not the case with Dutch fashion photographer Hans Noordanus. He is known for his straight-forward and direct product and style fashion photography. One look at his Instagram pages and you will see a sense of style that is right to the point. The point is, I believe, to be confident and brave in your style but remain classic and refined. Very few can pull it off in quite the way PrepFamily does.  Scroll through his IG and take inspiration from his singular sense of style.

Tim Mureau, a style and refined lifestyle journalist, at conducted a concise interview with PrepFamily titled 17 Questions to a Well Dressed Man.  He even gives a shout out to our old friend G. Bruce Boyer.

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