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Things We Love


The “Packing Case” is my go-to piece of luggage ( for most 3-day trips. It is tough and dependable with traditional lines, classic understated hardware and soft but strong leather grips. The waxed cotton shell has withstood the worst of airline baggage handlers and the porters on the New Delhi train to Agra. It is a solid piece.

This brand was created by Daphne Markcrow; a smart, well-traveled, easy on the eyes Southerner and accomplished equestrian, living in Dorset, VT. She describes her vision for the brand this way: “The aesthetics resonated within the horse world… it is a world steeped in tradition and history. Quality is defined by the craftsmanship, performance, by how well something works and how long it lasts. “

“Thus evolved the line and its aesthetic… waxed canvas trimmed in leather and an iconography of halter squares and halter plates. It is inspired by a life lived with horses and the ‘quiet’ classic chic of country life… an aesthetic sense of long-lasting utility and timelessness over trend.”

Oughton pieces are sophisticated, lifetime pieces. Well worth the investment.

~The WelshRabbit~

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