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Things We Love - The J Press OCBD Flap Pocket Shirt

No Logo Required ; I’m sporting the flap.

Q: Is there a shirt more iconically American than the Oxford Cloth Button Down – OCBD – shirt?
A: No
Q: is there a shirt that is the quintessential oxford cloth button down, found in all true Ivy\ Prep wardrobes?   A shirt that says it all with one detail?
A: Yes – the J Press oxford cloth button down with flap pocket!

Back in the 1950’s J Press added the flap to the pocket of their best selling oxford as a functional design element. The flap was intended to keep secure the important tools and papers one might place into the left chest pocket. The button flap over the pocket worked well and took hold as a practical feature of the shirt. Ultimately the flap evolved into a signature detail and became a unique differentiator in a sea of oxford cloth shirts. The Flap Pocket shirt became synonymous with J Press and anyone wearing the shirt signaled they were a J Press customer. Being a J Press customer meant that you had a confident sense of style; one that was grounded in tradition, good taste, and quality. The J Press guy had excellent manners, was learned and well read, and was welcomed at the best clubs. He travelled well and was comfortable and confident at sea and on-shore. All of this was subtlety communicated in an instant with the wearing of the flap pocket shirt.

Fast forward to today; the Flap Pocket shirt is back on the shelves at J Press and as strong a statement as it ever was. Offered in the classic range of white + blue + pink and a great yellow. Yellow is the color I have. It looks great with a navy blazer and just about any tweed jacket this fall. J Press never needed a logo embroidered at the left chest to sell their shirts. They have the flap pocket. And nothing more need be said.


~ WelshRabbit~

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“Classic” is a overused term but this oxford is the exemplar of the word. Bought my first of many more than a few years ago (blue) at the Harvard Square , Cambridge store.
Great to see that is back on the shelves.
Time for a fall purchase of the a new gorest tweed blazer and maybe the pink this time!

Paul Kelly September 15, 2019

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